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Witness Tree Media creates conservation photography and video for businesses and organizations that want to save the Earth. Through a shared commitment to our planet, Witness Tree Media helps you create more successful, more impactful, more meaningful campaigns and content with compelling photography and video. I’m conservation photographer Steven DeWitt and for twenty years I’ve helped businesses and organizations working hard on environmental justice, conservation and solutions to the climate crisis achieve their goals by understanding that humans are visual learners and inspiring imagery has the power to change the world.


Billion Oyster Project Shell Piles


Video to Save the Earth

A commitment to solving our planet’s biggest challenges doesn’t come easy. The work required to combat rising oceans, catastrophic wildfires, environmental racism, deforestation, mass extinction and food insecurities comes with a heavy dose of stress, anxiety and fear of failure. Yet despite these burdens, inaction isn’t an option because everyone has the right to a healthy, habitable planet.

We’re all in this together so we need all hands on deck. But it’s also really hard to explain the complexities of what it takes to save a species, restore an ecosystem and migrate to renewable energy. So show it with compelling conservation photography and video. Together we’ll come up with the best plan, create a roadmap for that plan and even have some fun along the way.

“The visual truth of a situation can move millions of people and their outcry moves politicians and bureaucrats. Without visual ammunition we are like unarmed soldiers marching into battle”

-Sam LaBudde, Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run

Even though everyone knows the power of compelling photography and video, more often than not locking down the best options for your new campaign, site redesign or annual report makes its way to the bottom of your task list. All of a sudden you’re in the final weeks of your project, you still haven’t found the right fit and now it’s crunch time. No worries. I’m used to working with tight deadlines and developing creative solutions without sacrificing the quality of the content or adding more to your plate. If you’re at that point, let’s schedule a call today.

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