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Witness tree media

Witness Tree Media creates still photographs, animated gifs and short form videos for conscious businesses and environmental nonprofit organizations who want more engaging, authentic and impactful Social Media Marketing Strategies and Content Marketing Strategies that cost less than agency coordinated productions but are way more on-brand than stock photos and b-roll.


Oyster Nursery Installation in Brooklyn


Bronx River Trash Cleanup

Witness Tree Media offers customizable content packages using an alternative business model that focuses on building relationships between conscious businesses and environmental nonprofits through a shared need for premium photography and video to make a positive impact for our planet.

I’m Steven DeWitt, owner and operator of Witness Tree Media. For nearly two decades I’ve been creating compelling photos and videos for conscious businesses and environmental nonprofit organizations that are working tirelessly to conserve, preserve and restore our planet’s natural resources, critical ecosystems and threatened habitats. I want to help make an even bigger impact and, using a totally new approach to the traditional creative model, I’ve found a way to do just that.

“Let us begin. Let us restore the Earth. Let the mountains talk, and the rivers run. Once more, and forever.”

david brower

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