Restoring the Bronx River

Witness Tree Media partnered with the Bronx River Alliance to create a series of videos and still photographs to support their ongoing effort to conserve, protect and restore the Bronx River. Prior to colonization, the Bronx River was called Aquehung and its headwaters rose from natural springs 24 miles north of New York City. For a short time before urbanization, the Bronx River was described as a sparkling green oasis that once supplied New York City with fresh water. After centuries of significant industrial pollution and massive environmental degradation, community members rallied together to save the forgotten river. Restoring the Bronx River continues to have its challenges, but the community’s commitment and dedication to save New York City’s last remaining fresh water river serves as an inspirational reminder of the resiliency of people and the natural world.

Aerial support generously provide by Lighthawk.

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