Witness Tree Media founder and Conservation Photographer Steven DeWitt

Hey there, my name’s Steven. I love the forests, rivers, oceans, deserts and plains of our incredible planet. But being witness to the destruction of these places has had a big impact on me. There’s no doubt that the environmental crisis is overwhelming. So I started Witness Tree Media as a way to help people working in the businesses and organizations that are committed to environmental justice and solving the climate crisis by doing what I do best – creating photographs and videos. I also love helping other people inspire positive change through visual storytelling so I offer one-on-one, group, destination and virtual photography workshops throughout the year.

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Colorado lodgepole pine tree

what’s a witness tree?

Witness trees are trees that have been around and have seen some shit. Some witness trees are over 4,000 years old and some still remember being an acorn. But they’ve all got stories to tell. And just like the trees, we are witnesses, living in historic times, whose stories need to be told.

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