Witness tree media.

My name is Steven DeWitt, founder and operator of Witness Tree Media. I help environmental organizations grow their audience and increase fundraising by creating photographs and videos that tell visual stories.

I started down the path of conservation photography because of a tree. Twenty years ago I fell in love with Rocky Mountain lodgepole pines (Pinus contorta var. latifolia) and began to notice the green needles of this foundational species turning red. The growing climate crisis had sparked a chain reaction, upsetting the forests’ natural balance. In a blink, I found myself in a front row seat to witness one of the greatest deforestation events our planet has ever seen.

Witnessing the destruction of the forests I’d fallen in love with had a profound impact on me and changed the course of my life. I’m not an ecologist or a conservation scientist or a climatologist. I’m a storyteller. It’s my calling. I’m inspired by people like you who work tirelessly every day to make a positive impact for our communities and our planet, And I want to tell your stories.

Start Telling Visual Stories Now.

Grow your audience and increase your fundraising efforts by telling visual stories that spotlight the important work your environmental organization is doing to make a positive impact on our planet.

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