Biomass Energy Logging.

Unprecedented widespread insect infestations in states like Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana are negatively impacting iconic western tree species including aspen, Douglas fir, Engelmann spruce and Rocky Mountain lodgepole pine. These infestations are unique compared to historic infestations primarily due to the fact that millions of acres of forest are being killed simultaneously and in a relatively short period of time. In turn, this has an effect on things like snowpack which exacerbates drought conditions, significantly increases forest fuel loads which impact wildfire conditions and has cascading negative impacts on forest biodiversity.

In response to millions of acres of forests being killed by impacts of the climate emergency, forests throughout the American West are being logged and the trees are being used to create biomass for domestic energy generation and as an export.

Clearcutting forests for biomass energy generation is touted as a greener alternative to fossil fuel but in a brief published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, energy generated by forest biomass actually produces higher carbon emissions than fossil fuels.

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